The kitchen is not without reason called the heart of the house

It is here that all households most often gather, discussing news and family matters at dinner. In the kitchen, they organize gatherings with friends, give tea to neighbors who look in at the light, watch TV.

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Of great importance is the material from which the dining table is made. The most popular glass, wood and plastic. It is necessary to consider in detail all the advantages and disadvantages of these materials.

It is also necessary that the table is fully consistent with the overall style of the room, suited to it and the shape and color. The dining table should appeal to all family members and cause only the most pleasant emotions. How to choose this important part of the interior? Should heed some advice from professional designers.

Glass table - this material is the most fragile, so only a tabletop is made of it, installing strong metal legs.

The advantages of the glass table: This model looks original and stylish, it goes well with all modern interior styles (hi-tech, minimalism, modern); The glass surface of the table visually expands the kitchen area, making it lighter and lighter; The glass tabletop is distinguished by high environmental friendliness; microorganisms and bacteria do not spread on it; A table with a transparent table top can become a real decoration of the kitchen, its highlight.

Wooden table - the most traditional option, which will never lose its relevance. This material is durable and reliable, durable and attractive. Tables made of wood are often made sliding, and this greatly increases their functionality.

The advantages of this model: This is a hypoallergenic material that does not pose any threat to the inhabitants of the house; A wood table is quite light, but due to the material features, the dining table can be given any shape - from massive to the most elegant; A wood table fits perfectly into a variety of styles of interiors - classic, rustic, country, Mediterranean, chebbi-chic, modern; Food is not afraid of contact with a wooden surface, it is easy to care for it.

Triangular table - this model looks unusual and attractive. Even if the overall decor of the kitchen is rather modest, the triangular table will help add a bit of futuristic style to the look and make the interior more modern.

However, choosing a dinner table of this form is not worth big families - rather, it will suit people who do not particularly like guests. The triangular shape is perfect for a coffee or tea table, which will become a real decoration of the interior and the pride of the house owners.

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